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How a small decision can turn your life around

Yesterday, a decision was made to sit at the computer, typing away like every other day. That decision was driven by work - I certainly need to work at my computer, completing several different projects and creating income in the process. However, that decision also means that I move less, take less steps, ultimately struggling with my weight loss/get fit goal. This is what happens for us in so many of the goals we set for ourselves. Patterns of behavior, that are often driven by circumstance, fears or habits, - keep us doing the same thing and not making any progress toward the goal.

Interrupting these patterns takes three things- intention, action and focus. Intention without action, is just that intention. Your goal is a want but not a realtity. Intention requires a plan to bring that want or desire into action, which is then followed by focus. If I want to create an identy of a fit person (who weighs less) then I have to set my intention to do so, and create a plan to interrupt the patterns of behaviors that are holding me back. My decision to sit is interrupted by my action plan to wear my smart watch, track my steps, set a goal to get over 10,000 each day. My decision to get up and walk for 5 minutes every 30 minutes moves me toward that goal. I will make a few more decisions as well, as part of my plan - but it als starts with one small decision. What will you decide today?

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